Twisted Perfection

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Twisted Perfection by Abbi Glines (Read on 4/23/13)

I think at this point Abbi Glines could write a story where the main character is all about crack rocks and dropping a deuce in an alley and we would all gobble it up!!! She is really just that good. I really thoroughly enjoyed the heat and the AMAZINGNESS that is Woods! He took such great care of Della and even though it took him time to sort himself out in the end you just knew that these two need to be together!!!! I am sure everyone is going to be spending so much time focused on the the swoonworthy Woods and he is definitely worth it but I hope they noticed Della and the strength of that character. She went through so much in such a short life. My heart ached for her throughout the book. The fact that she wanted a life she wanted to live and try to be happy and see what the world had to offer after being dealt such a crap hand was really inspiring. I am really excited to read the next book.





Overall Rating:  4 Stars 

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