Review: The Angel

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The Angel
The Angel by Tiffany Reisz
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was just…I mean the first one was…

 photo madness.gif

But this one was..

 photo theweirdstuff.gif

And there were moments where all I could do was…

 photo JayOhMy.gif

Two moments in particular!!!

I didn’t enjoy the internal story as much this time. Suzanne was the WORST!!! I wanted to just smack her while she was conducting her witch hunt…

 photo twitchyeye.gif

After I got through my shock & awe I could appreciate and LOVE Michael and Griffin. Nora was her brazen, sassy self… loved it!!! Wes shocked me with his little secretive self! Kingsley was comical and sexy.

But hands down… HANDS ALL THE WAY MOTHER FUCKING DOWN Soren stole the show for me! I would give my left pinky toe to have someone who loves me so much that they can let me go multiple times because they are confident that I am theirs forever!

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LoveLoveLoveIt photo loveloveloveit.gif

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