Review: The Wrong Man

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The Wrong Man
The Wrong Man by Delaney Diamond
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Wrong Man was another one of those little gems that you’re not expecting to like all that much but you give a try anyway! I’m pleasantly happy that I did! Tomas and Talia’s story was a scorching hot one. It was a different take on the billionaire saves the poor broken girl as well, which was refreshing. Talia is an African-American woman who comes from a privileged upbringing. Her grandmother raised her in the wake of her parents death and she has extremely high standards and expectations of Talia. When she discovers that Talia is getting divorced from her “perfect on paper” husband she is none to happy and attempts to spoil the happiness that Talia begins to find with Tomas. Tomas is from Cuba and is all alone in the US besides the friends that he has made. He is a player and always ready to bed the next willing participant. He knows Talia through their mutual friends and when she wants a no strings attached fwb relationship he is all about it… until he starts to develop feelings for her. They have a lot of misunderstandings. They come from totally different worlds. They do not match up on paper, with societies expectations, or in what they expected to want for themselves… but love is love and if these two can navigate their differences they are bound to make a connection neither one of them will be able to walk away from!

Did I mention it’s scorch the sheets hot, as well??? ;D

Talia & Tomas

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