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These Men
These Men by Andrea Smith
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

5/9/14 – Andrea Smith – These Men – 4 stars

Quote Love: “You want to know that, when I’m inside of you that it’s just me and you– and no one else, and that each and every time I thrust my cock into you– that it’s for you and you alone, and when I finally come– it’s because of you and what you do to me that made that happen– and that it’s all yours and only yours.”

What I liked: This was hot. It reminded me of a Nicole Edwards book in some ways. I wasn’t like the main character at first but as her character grew and developed I got that I wasn’t supposed to like her in the beginning really. I thought the development was excellent for such a short one.

What could have been better: Well there were some parts for instance where there is an overweight couple and the character makes a comment that their love makes them beautiful or something like that… I thought that was really offensive! The main character as I stated was pretty unlikeable in the beginning. I stuck with it because I was liking the story overall but it was almost enough to make me stop reading at first. I also thought there should have been more communication with the main characters due to the situation that they were in. I won’t say anymore than that as not to spoil anything.

EDIT 5/16/14

I’m bumping this one up to 4.5 stars. Why? Because Andrea Smith has to be one of the most responsive and gracious authors ever. She read my review, and took note of the scene that could come off as being offensive to some and she freaking re-worked it so that it conveyed her intended message and showed the main character to be shallow and fairly vapid at that point in the story… instead of how I originally interpreted it, which was that the other characters were okay with that kind of thinking. AWESOME!!!

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