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An Indecent Affair Part I by Stephanie Julian4coffebeans



An Indecent Affair Part I (An Indecent Affair, #1) by Stephanie Julian

What do you think of when you think of the ultimate fantasy? Laying on the beach all day every day and never having to leave for anything? Cabin in the mountains? A mountain made of chocolate? Lol, ok something a little more risqué…..mine was always “doing IT (lol)” in the rain, for which my high school boyfriend made sure to mark off the list,….others? In public?? On that beach we discussed? How about with two guys at once…? Yeah, I see all you girls, blushing ducking your head, looking away knowing in your head you’ve imagined it. (Okay, maybe if you are my friend your hand shot up high and proud.) If so, this is the series for you…..

Kat has issues. Issues, that go really deep. She just can’t seem to get what she wants out of life no matter how hard she tries. Between her mom, and her ex, she seriously doesn’t want to be at this party, but here she is, with a fake date just trying to play her part. Meanwhile, Eyes are on her, watching, and they have been for sometime, if only Kat had ever noticed…..

Tristan and Adam have been through it all. Including being overseas fighting in battle together. They are closer than close, sharing their lives together as best friends, sharing everything, even women. But there has always been one woman Tristan has planned to make his. He’s talked about her nonstop to Adam, planning for the time to make her theirs, and he’s about to make his move.

Okay, let me just start by saying this book was Hawt. I’m talking scorching. I loooooved Tristan. Everything about him. But am so intrigued by Adam. He’s a hard cookie that I’m just dying to get to that gooey middle. I’m warming up to Kat. She’s shut herself off from the world. So that helps knowing why she can sometimes be so hard to like. However, when she finally decides to change her life the saying, “go big or go home”, is pretty much exactly her style. Of course, all good things have to come to an end……don’t they???

This is a short story series. So far each book is between 75-90 pages for each installment with scorching hot sex scenes, one hot as hell sweetheart and another with burning eyes and a sexy attitude who want one girl, in between them preferably naked.


An Indecent Affair Part I (An Indecent Affair, #1)


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