Review: Alec by L.A. Casey

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Alec by L.A. Casey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

These Slater brothers are smoking fire hot!!!! I don’t know how more ladies aren’t in vaginal distress over them! Alec, used to be a male escort and in this book he meets Keela… and it is definitely lust at first sight for him where as she wants absolutely NOTHING to do with him.

Keela is forced into a situation where she then needs to come to Alec for help with it. He agrees to help but also puts a challenge to Keela one she is determined not to lose. This is a slow burn as you don’t get to the good-good for almost half of the book, just letting you know that now. It is also hilarious and there is plenty of story going on and interactions with the other brothers to keep things very interesting.

I loved Keela overall. The things that you thought would make her balk and run away actually did not phase her much, which was refreshing. However, she totally had her “chick” moments where you are staring at the book like “really bitch?” For those and some similarities to Dominic I gave it 4 stars. If you haven’t started to get to know this family I highly suggest you do. You’ll laugh your ass off and have to fan yourself while getting a good dose of drama and action.

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