Audiobook Review: Broken Juliet by Leisa Rayven

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This is book 2 in the Bad Romeo or Starcrossed Series. It picks up right where book 1 leaves off. Ethan is desperately trying to get Cassie to give him another chance. We still get the parallel story of what happened in the past… and one thing is made very clear, while the first book may have been exquisitely angst filled this one gut kicks far more. As you learn the rest of the story and how that led to where they each are now it is definitely a lot heavier than I expected going into it. That’s totally not a bad thing though. Andi Arndt narrates this one as well. I just love HER!!! She does such a great job of making you feel like each character is being voiced by that character. I can’t really say much about this one because A LOT goes down and it’s all spoilerific if you have yet to read book one.

One aspect I really enjoyed in this one and also didn’t expect were the counseling services that both participated in. Of course I am biased to telling everyone they should go to counseling at least once in life whether they have massive issues or not. I really liked how what was keeping them apart in the past as well as what is keeping them apart in the present involves deep seated issues that both of them need to confront and address before they can be healthy enough to give the other the love that they need and deserve.

It was just a really great sequel and we all know how difficult that second book can be. Most people will give a series a chance even if book 1 isn’t awesome… in this case book 1 was FANTASTIC so book 2 had a great deal of expectation to live up too. I am happy that it did not fail to bring it! I recommend this series to anyone who likes their stories complex, characters dynamic, sex when it happens SMOKING HOT, and that loves reading about the journey of love. 

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